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The Truth Comes on Concrete Feet
Hard Lessons Learned in Unexpected Ways

NEC: Cornerstone to Black Theatre
A Brief Tribute to Douglas Turner Ward
and The Negro Ensemble Company

Rivers of Our Fathers
Conversations About The Smiles that Carry Us For Miles

A Brief History of HBCU's
Origins, Locations, Significance of Continuance, Notable Graduates

Goodbye to Elders: Ode to Pops & Moms
Elegies That Matter

The Greatest Farewell:
Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)

A Tribute Goodbye

We Be Barking At The Moon: Fathers & Sons
Freedom Riders and Rebellion Rousers

Foot Prints: The 1960's Student Sit-Ins
Recollections of Youth and Fearless Movements

Hard Diction & Bubble Gum
Stories of Memorable Men

Good PussyKatz
Stories of Memorable Women

Bad News
Managing Tragedy in Everyday Life

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