ScOttvisiOns Productions & Publications:
An Experienced and Unique African-American Culture & Academic Consulting Company

Online Course Development/Offering & Teaching
(Individual ScOttvisiOns Professor and/or Collaborative ScOttvisiOns Associates Instruction)

Introductory/Basic Public Speaking (Core) Course (3 Hrs.)
Introduction to Drama/Theatre (Core) Course(3 Hrs.)

Milestones in African-American Rhetoric/Speeches (3 Hrs.)
Milestones in African-American Theatre: Companies/Plays (3 Hrs)
Independent Studies in Theatre (3 Hrs.)
    Playwrighting for Stage/Film/TV) (3 hrs)
    Psycho-Socio Drama Counseling (3 Hrs)
    Individual Research of African-American Theatre Topics(TBA) (3 Hrs.)
Independent Studies in Speech (3 hrs.)
    Audience Analysis: (3 hrs.)
    Individual Research of African-American Speech Topics (TBA) (3 Hrs.)

FACULTY: John Scott, Ph.D Bowling Green State University [Online Courses Consultant]
    Speech Communication & Theatre
*Ron Scott, M.A. Texas A&M University [Online Courses Director/Administrator]
    Speech Communication & Theatre
OL Distinguished/Retired & Collaborating Faculty Associates from
Major Universities & Theatre/Communications Companies


Colleges & Universities
Theatre & Film, Mass Communications, Ethnic/Black Studies Departments
Undergraduate & Graduate Student Organizations
Employee Searches / Staffing

Multi-National Corporations
Human Resources, Management and Special Projects/Development Departments


Cultural Services
Mounting Theatre/Stage and Video Performances
Providing Visiting Writer/Director & Spoken Word Artists
Lectures, Workshops, Training: Inter-Ethnic Relations & Communications
Social Issues:
Criminal Justice & Injustice; H.I.V. & Aids; Substance Abuse
Books and Video-Tapes

Academic/Personal Services
M.A. (Thesis) & Ph.D. (Dissertation) Topic Development
Editing & Rewriting
Consultation on Self-Publishing
Writer/Performing Artist Representation



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John Scott, Ph.D.

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