Paperback - 332 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-2-0


KALEIDOSCOPE is an anthology of full-length plays produced off-Broadway in New York and on Public Television.

Ride A Black Horse and Time Turns Black peels away layers of intellectual and emotional investments paid by participants and witnesses of America's Civil Rights turmoil.

"Compelling and relevant
- Neuman, NBC-TV

A Musical drama, Karma unveils the complications of an independent woman's romantic choices and actions. A drug culture peril and inter-ethnic competition enlivens the action.

"Deeply moving...season's best musical."
- Ali Wadud, N.Y. Amsterdam News

The Good Ship Credit is a musical comedy set in an asylum featuring a businessman, schoolteacher, computer programmer-mystic, a street hustler and an aloof married degenerates: all having mortgaged away thier identities on callousness and conspicuous comsumption. The HooDoo Priest-Psychiatrist directs the hilarity.

"Marvelous satirical swipes...a tough-minded maturity...
Praise the roof off of the music and the direction of John Scott."

- Loren Lieberthal, N.Y. Entertainment

Currents: From The Rivers of Our Fathers is a historical drama tracing four generations of a family's romantic entanglements and consequences through a patriarchal novelist.

"The father is a great creation."
- Woodie King, Jr., Producer, N.Y. New Federal Theatre

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